Caring For Your Health

“Shri Vishwavati Ayurvedic Chikitsalay & Research Centre” was established in 2009 by the blessings of Parampujya Sadguru Shree Madhavnath Sangavadekar. Shree Vishwavati Ayurvedic Chikitsalay & Research Center not only provides affordable and authentic treatment through Ayurveda but also carrying research programme with the help of a team of ayurvedic vaidya to provide best ayurvedic medicine in Kolhapur. Our mission is to serve the society, needy people through Ayurved & make this world healthy.

Our Mission

आधिव्याधिविनाशाय स्वस्थजीवनवृत्तये |

विश्ववतीचिकित्सालय: विश्वकल्याणहेतवे ||

“Vishwavati Chikitsalay is obliged to support the society, get rid of physical and psychological illness whereas support them to maintain a healthy lifestyle with holistic approach”

Natural Healing

Shree Vishwavati Ayurvedic Chikitsalay & Research Centre is well equipped with all necessary amenities to serve you with all advances in Ayurvedic treatment with consideration of your comfort.